The new equipment in Světlá is already in use

1. July, 2018
The last of the three automatic glassware cameras was installed at the glass factory in Světlá nad Sázavou in early June. The first two have already been in full operation for over two months. The new equipment cost about 20 million CZK.

The installation of new automatic cameras which began at the end of May, follows after earlier investments in the modernization of our glassware production equipment. Two machines (on glass lines L5 and L8) are each fitted with thirteen cameras that monitor the set parameters of a particular product. If the product does not meet these parameters, the machine automatically discards it. The third system is fitted with 10 cameras and operates on the L9 pouring glass line. Another major investment is the acquisition of a new cooling belt furnace for about 4.7 million CZK, which is on the DAL 4 line. It produces the largest moulded products, such as vases or bowls. The new belt furnace will speed up product cooling, which significantly improves the efficiency of the entire line, as it has more capacity than the previous one, and also results in substantial energy savings. In the case of complex-design products, the furnace is expected to reduce the amount of waste resulting from insufficient cooling.