New colors dazzled in the USA

19. November, 2019
New sprayed colors, matte and glossy, were successfully introduced in November at a presentation of our new items to American customers in our New York showroom. Various tones and color options had their premiere and mainly the black matte attracted the most attention - a very trendy color nowadays in North America. Customers also appreciated our ability to apply colors to most of our items according to customers‘ requests.

During the exhibition we discussed multiple contracts for beverage and decorative products. Moreover, a completely new customer supplying multiple chains of hotels across the country started negotiations with our company, which gives us an opportunity to strengthen our presence in the HORECA business in this territory.

New items aroused interest of customers with retail stores in New Jersey and New York. A few of them placed orders on the spot, mainly thanks to us having stock available for immediate shipment from a New Jersey warehouse.