Another Open Doors Day in Crystalite Bohemia

4. October, 2019
Almost five thousand people visited our factory during the Open Doors Day on Saturday, 29 September. What interested them most was peek into the production plant that we offer through commented tours, where visitors can find out about our history and also the current state of the glassworks, specifically the new setup of the production lines for beverage glass. Those were re-organized significantly over the summer and nowadays can produce up to 150,000 pieces of glassware daily.

Big interest was also in the sale of our products, which we have been offering steadily during the Open Doors Day for closeout prices. Every visitor was also given a small gift – our wine glass. Already we are in the process of preparing for another Open Doors Day, which you can look forward to in the spring. You will find out about the exact date on our website and our social media sites. Thanks to all who participated in the event, and mostly thanks to the visitors, who came to see us!