Open Doors Day in May attracted 4,000 visitors!

25. June, 2019
We saw an enormous interest in guided tours through the production facility in Svetla. People were mostly curious about major changes in the setup of the production lines with the goal to improve efficiency.

Our last Open Doors Day in Svetla attracted 4,000 visitors – mainly from the surrounding districts. Thanks to favorable weather, sale of our products took place under open sky and was extraordinarily successful. Customers were able to purchase glassware from current production as well as older products from previous years. Kids especially enjoyed an inflatable bouncy castle :-) Guided tours of the manufacturing facility, taking place non-stop from 8 to 2 pm, sparked an enormous interest – we barely managed to show all the guests around. Visitors were curious mostly about changes in the setup of the production lines, which have been implemented in the last few months in order to improve production efficiency.